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If you would like to post a brief excerpt of an article from one of our sites on your website or blog, you must limit the number of excerpted words to 20 percent of the original article. For example, if an article is 800 words, you may post an excerpt of up to 160 words on your site.

The following two conditions must also be honored:

  • Clear attribution to the source (The Japan Times) within close proximity of the excerpt.
  • A clickable link back to the story that you have quoted from.


“U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Foreign Minister Taro Aso call for a swift, tough and coordinated response to Pyongyang’s Oct. 9 nuclear test, as satellite data indicate the North, which has defiantly called sanctions a declaration of war, may be preparing further tests.”
– From The Japan Times

You may vary this sample’s format slightly in accordance with your site’s style, but both elements should be in place. If the two above conditions are not met, The Japan Times reserves the right to revoke this permission.

If you would like to quote more than 20 percent of an article, please contact The Japan Times’ Digital Enterprise Division.


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