Announcements Dec 6, 2018

Message from the Executive Editor

In the Friday Nov. 30 issue of The Japan Times, we published an Editor’s Note on our language regarding “comfort women” and “forced labor.” Following multiple discussions on the issue that commenced more than a year ago, the decision to revise our descriptions of these ...

Japan Times charity drive for flooded areas of western Japan

Announcements Jul 19, 2018

Japan Times charity drive for flooded areas of western Japan

The Japan Times has started a charity drive to raise money for people in flood-affected areas in western Japan. Flooding and mudslides caused by torrential downpours earlier this month left more than 210 people dead, while nearly 5,000 evacuees remain in shelters. Hiroshima, Okayama and ...

Announcements Feb 15, 2018

Trust has to be earned

Dear readers, The Japan Times is committed to presenting content of the highest quality, not only in our editorial but also in our advertising. To ensure our readers’ trust, we vow to never deliver misleading news or engage in stealth marketing or any such deceitful ...

Announcements Dec 20, 2017

Regarding the Dec. 20 misprint of NYT

Due to a New York Times’ production error, the front page and page 5 of the Dec. 12 edition were duplicated in the Dec. 20 edition of The New York Times International Edition that was distributed in Japan by The Japan Times. This accident was ...

The Japan Times joins the News2u Group

Announcements Jun 20, 2017

The Japan Times joins the News2u Group

The Japan Times has become a News2u Group firm to strengthen its presence in the rapidly changing media industry. Following the transfer of 100 percent of The Japan Times’ shares on Tuesday from Nifco Inc. to News2u Holdings, Inc., whose group companies support a ...

The Japan Times Readers’ Fund

Announcements Nov 23, 2016

The Japan Times Readers’ Fund

Thank you Dec. 31, 2016 The 2016 fundraising campaign for people in need, especially in other parts of Asia, has come to an official close. The donations received totaled ¥824,379. Money received after the end of the 2016 campaign will be included in the charity ...

Announcements Jun 30, 2016

Important notice re digital subscriptions  

From July 1, The Japan Times will reduce the number of stories that registered users can read for free each month from 20 to 10. We humbly appreciate your understanding on this matter. The fees for digital subscription fees will be unchanged. — The Japan Times, Ltd.

Announcements Apr 1, 2016

Personnel announcement

The Japan Times, Ltd. announces that Toshiaki Ogasawara, chairman and publisher of The Japan Times, will step down from his post and current Vice Chairwoman Yukiko Ogasawara will become chairwoman. Masaru Onodera, former president of Nifco Inc., the parent company of The Japan Times, will ...

City-Cost Partnership

Announcements Nov 30, 2015

City-Cost Partnership

The Japan Times is pleased to announce a new collaboration with City-Cost, an online resource providing information and tips for those living in Japan. City-Cost, which is operated by Kyodo News Digital Co., Ltd., features a variety of forums where users can earn points by ...